About the project

  This project started in 2016 with the first Hackathon hosted by UC Merced. UC Water and Community Water Center gave hackers a challenge to parse data and present it in a meaningful way to San Joaquin Valley residents. The challenge lasted 24 hours and was open to 16 teams. A team of four students— Chuck Nweke, Jad Aboulhosn, Michael Brooks and Esteban Perez—successfully parsed the data and used simple figures to show the levels of toxicity in any given area.

  They won not only the UC Water prize but “best overall hack.” Perez’s team won “most technical hack” in 2017 HackMerced as well.

  In order to make a more accessible website, Esteban Perez was awarded the Student Success Internship, funded by the University of California Office of the President. With guidance from UC Water and CWC, Perez’s programming skills, project management and vision enabled the project to move forward. As a Student Success Intern, Perez also gained job preparation skills.

  The California Drinking Water Watch 2.0 fulfills UC Water’s mission of creating water information resources for decision-making and empowering institutions to improve the ways water is managed in the state.

  The site is built in HTML, Javascript and PHP. Code for project is available open-source. If you would like to embed the card for your location, see Getting Started.

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