What am I looking at?

Everything you see I made, pictures, css, layout, icons, libraries, everything. Even the things that you dont see I made, Including a really cool server that inteligently decides if it should serve you a full page with header and footer, or just send content to reduce the amount of data sent to devices. Most people wont appreciate this, but hopefully someone on 3G somewhere is happy with the improved times. Did I mention that it has all the benifits of a 1 page app with none of the drawbacks? Javascript is not required for the webpage to get properly index because of some clever tricks I used. Go check my github to see all the neat tricks I used, but if you are really interested just give me a job and I will tell you all about it for the low low price of employment.

You good dawg?!?!?

Why would you go through the trouble of making everything?

Its really not that complicated and boils down to three reasons:

  • Rewriting an existing library is a really good way to get insight into why something is done the way it is, and to understand it at a deeper level
  • Developers are bad, and are using dated libraries because they are convenient.
  • I think its fun
What's wrong with you?

Machine Learning

I spent a whole semester taking this class, and I didnt learn a thing... so why is this a section? Well some time after the class I decided to build a distributed learning tool. You may find yourself asking "How does it work?" Honestly I have no idea, I wrote it in a daze one night, and have still been trying to figure out how I managed that, but from what I can gather it works something like this:

  • User submits a number to test
  • User's number is sent to the server which will then send the User's number to all connected users along with a classified number from the mnist dataset
  • Upon receiving the number the User will calculate the difference from the known number and the User number and send that back to the server
  • The server will store the response data and find the minimum of all the calculated differences
  • Thats it, thats how KNN works in a distributed example. This could be expanded to other learning approaches such as a neural net, but this is a pretty good proof of concept. Check out the code on my Github
I actually know exactly how this all works and if google added web workers to every users computer when they searched for something google could have a huge cloud of users helping to solve big problems.

Distributed KNN

We think your number is:

Pretty Pictures

My third grade teacher once told me "Stick to stick figures" because my drawings were so bad, and you know what... she was right. Here are some bad SVGs I've made just to show that I am fairly competent at javascript animations, and to show that my custom css framework supports a fairly robust grid system go ahead and resize your screen.